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Tax Preparation

If you’re a business owner, independent contractor, or an employee of a large corporation, you may be able to save money with the services of a qualified Brooklyn CPA tax preparation service, like Richards Accounting & Financial Services. Our goal is client satisfaction, and we’ll meticulously look through all of your financial documents to help you find any deductions that are available in your situation. With our attention to detail, we can often help our clients find savings that they’ve been missing, and we’re happy to help you reduce your total tax burden.

We know that you may feel stressed out when tax time comes around, and we’re ready to put your mind at ease with our flexible hours. We can also do much more than file your taxes because we’re a complete financial services firm that offers:

Richards Accounting and Financial Services has more than 20 years of experience, and we’ve got the skills and industry knowledge that often saves our clients money on their tax return. Call us today for a FREE initial consultation and talk to an experienced Brooklyn CPA for all of your tax preparation needs.